API for Gold Rates in all Currencies

Free Rest API for Gold Rates

Method for Pulling the Latest Gold Rates using API

1. Register a key by using this link.

Register Gold Price Key

key generated successfully

After registering a key, you can pull the latest gold rates, and can also verify the key using CURL

curl -X GET -H "X-API-KEY: f6412fdf260d55b6cb460cb4e5bad69cf6412fdf" http://goldpricez.com/api/rates/currency/gbp/measure/all

You can change GBP to currency of your choice e.g., SAR, AUD, USD, CAD, INR, PKR, AED etc.

You can change all to unit of your choice e.g., gram, kg, ounce etc.

Description of API Data

JSON Field Example Value Description
ounce_price_usd 1295.56 Ounce Rate in USD
gmt_ounce_price_usd_updated 18-08-2017 12:28:11 pm Gold Rate Updated according to GMT time
usd_to_gbp 0.776 USD to GBP
gmt_gbp_updated 17-08-2017 05:00:00 am GBP price updated according to GMT Time
ounce_in_gbp 1005.35456 Ounce Price in GBP
gram_to_ounce_formula 0.0321 1 Gram = 0.0321 Troy Ounce
gram_in_usd 41.587476 Gram Price in USD
gram_in_gbp 32.271881376 Gram Price in GBP
kg_to_ounce_formula 32.1507 1 KG = 32.1507 Troy Ounce
kg_in_usd 41653.160892 KG Price in USD
kg_in_gbp 32322.852852192 KG Price in GBP
grain_to_ounce_formula 0.002 1 Grain = 0.002 Troy Ounce
grain_in_usd 2.59112 Grain Price in USD
grain_in_gbp 2.01070912 Grain Price in GBP
tael-hongkong_to_ounce_formula 1.21528 1 Tael (of Hongkong) = 1.21528 Troy Ounce
tael-hongkong_in_usd 1574.4681568 Tael (of Hongkong) Price in USD
tael-hongkong_in_gbp 1221.7872896768 Tael (of Hongkong) Price in GBP
tael-japan_to_ounce_formula 1.2056 1 Tael (of Japan) = 1.2056 Troy Ounce
tael-japan_in_usd 1561.927136 Tael (of Japan) Price in USD
tael-japan_in_gbp 1212.055457536 Tael (of Japan) Price in GBP
tola-india_to_ounce_formula 0.375 1 Indian Tola = 0.375 Troy Ounce
tola-india_in_usd 485.835 Indian Tola Price in USD
tola-india_in_gbp 377.00796 Indian Tola Price in GBP
tola-pakistan_to_ounce_formula 0.40125 1 Pakistan Tola = 0.40125 Troy Ounce
tola-pakistan_in_usd 519.84345 Pakistan Tola Price in USD
tola-pakistan_in_gbp 403.3985172 Pakistan Tola Price in GBP
masha_to_ounce_formula 0.03119 1 Masha = 0.03119 Troy Ounce
masha_in_usd 40.4085164 Masha Price in USD
masha_in_gbp 31.3570087264 Masha Price in GBP
ratti_to_ounce_formula 0.00585 1 Ratti = 0.00585 Troy Ounce
ratti_in_usd 7.579026 Ratti Price in USD
ratti_in_gbp 5.881324176 Ratti Price in GBP

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